Port Blair, Jan 22: The Hon’ble Member of Parliament, A&N Islands, Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma today planted a sapling at ‘Bageecha’ as a mark of a new beginning of the initiative to bring people closer to nature. The Bageecha was inaugurated at 10.30 am at Brichgunj Chowk, Prothrapur, Port Blair and is a concept by the daily ‘Andaman Chronicle’ led by its Editor, Shri Denis Giles.

A step closer to nature:

The world is reeling under the effects of climate change. Most of the wild vegetation has already been replaced by concrete jungles. No matter how high our apartments are and how pretty the view from up there is, our primitive instinct always calls us towards nature. Plants give solace, flowers bring us hope, wind rustling through the leaves is our song and when after a long hustle at work if your brain can have that meditative pause, a steaming cup of coffee amidst the green of Mother Nature, every bustle feels worth it. This is where our projects come into play. This is what we look forward to providing you- The pause, the solace and the smile. We aim to help you to do your bit for mother nature and in return get those moments of peaceful stillness and a break from the 21st-century rat race. It is with this thought that we at Andaman Chronicle have come up with a project named ‘BAGEECHA’.   

‘BAGEECHA’ is a term we all can easily connect ourselves with. There was a time when every household had ‘BAGEECHA’. Some had small BAGEECHA and few had large ones but what was pertinent was that every house had a BAGEECHA. And this was after all our Homes.    Hours were spent in its upkeep- watering the plants, laying the groundwork and then after many days of hard work when those poppies, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and Crotons smiled at you, one carried back a sense of satisfaction and pride that nothing else could give.

In the project ‘BAGEECHA’, Andaman Chronicle aims to inculcate the hobby of planting and adopting plants. With the help of experts in the field, ‘BAGEECHA’ also attempts to educate all about different varieties of plants, their uses and the care that is required to nurture your adopted plants.

With the world reeling under various physical and mental illnesses, adopting plants and staying in their vicinity has scientifically proved to be provide immense benefits. Concurring with same ideology, ‘BAGEECHA’ provides you with an Open Air Display of varieties of plants, pots, planters, pebbles and much more, which will also help you enhance the beauty of your homes, your mind and your body. You can buy the plants based on your choices in conjunction with the recommendations of the experts. We make available many options for our visitors according to their tastes, budget and requirements. ‘BAGEECHA’ also provides you with a kit, which will help to ensure that your favourite plant remains healthy and well nourished.  ‘BAGEECHA’ further includes a display of local products viz. handicrafts, eateries etc. with a thought to promote local businesses. 

Taking it further:

The initiative ‘BAGEECHA’ aims to conduct workshops on the plantation for different age groups right from students to the elderly to help them learn about the art of plantation while understanding the requirements of their adopted plants. A small initiative to begin with yet we firmly believe that it’s the little steps we take in the right direction that would make a difference. So let’s spend some quality time in the ‘BAGEECHA’, adopt a plant and do our bit to conserve our Mother Nature!