Campbell Bay, July 5: A three-year-old child with a blocked nostril was brought to the Primary Health Centre (PHC), Campbell Bay at 0600 hrs on 03 Jul 24. The on-duty staff discovered a foreign object lodged deep in the nose of the child, posing challenges for removal. Post attempts to remove the foreign body from the nose and discussions by the local civil doctors of PHC, the case was found to be beyond their capability. Therefore, at around 1215 hrs, Surgeon Lt Cdr Naveen Kumar, a surgical specialist of the Indian Navy who was on-duty at the medical camp, was urgently called for assistance by PHC staff. He immediately, rushed to IMS Hospital at Campbell Bay, collected the required surgical instruments, and reached PHC immediately.

He skillfully and safely removed the foreign object from nostril of the child within 15 minutes. The foreign body was found to be one large piece of chickpea, more than 10 mm in diameter. The piece was stuck at the nasopharynx about 5 cm deep inside the nasal cavity of the three-year-old child. The chickpea was removed by the officer using surgical instruments available at IMS.

The Naval Medical Officer’s expertise and prompt action prevented the foreign body from entering the bronchus of the child, thereby averting a potential emergency situation and preventing the need of evacuating the child to Port Blair.

This incident highlights the exemplary commitment of the Armed Forces and Andaman and Nicobar Command in providing timely aid to civilians, showcasing their dedication to public service and emergency response.