1.   Marubeni Helping Families Affected by Flood in Kerala with this Scholarship

To support students studying in Kerala at the time of distress caused by natural disaster, Marubeni India is offering scholarships up to 100 talented, bright and needy students for their higher education post class 12.

Last date to submit the application form is November 15, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


The applying candidate must fulfil the below mentioned criteria:

·         Must have obtained more than 65% marks in class 12 from anywhere in India in the academic session of 2017-18.

·         Must be pursuing full-time higher education in any under-graduate, professional or technical program from state or UGC recognised Universities , Reputed Engineering, Management or other technical institutes in Kerala.

·         Family income of the applicant must not be more than INR 4 Lakh p.a.

·         Must not be availing any other scholarship more than INR 6,000 p.a.

Scholarship Reward

An amount of INR 40,000 will be given to each selected candidate in a single instalment.

How to Apply

Interested candidate can make an online application.

Other Important Details


Applying candidate(s) need to submit the scanned copies of below mentioned documents:


·         Passport size photo

·         One age proof document (Acceptable documents: Birth certificate, First and last pages of a valid Indian passport, Driver’s license, Class 10 mark sheet with Date of Birth mentioned)

·         One identity proof (Acceptable documents: PAN Card, Voter Identity Card, Driver’s License, Aadhar Card, Class 10 mark sheet with photo)


Family income certificate (anyone)


·         BPL card (if belonging to BPL category)

·         Income certificate (Government approved organization)

·         Recent monthly pay slip of the main wage-earner of the family


Qualification certificates


·         Class 10 mark sheet

·         Class 12 mark sheet


Admission confirmation


·         Admission letter

·         Latest college fee receipt


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2.5 Reasons you should take the SAT this year

SAT is a test used to judge a student’s readiness for college. The SAT is a fair and straightforward test that measures a student’s skills in reading, writing, and math skills that students develop in secondary schools. The test is accepted by all the colleges and universities in the U.S. and many throughout the world, including in India. Thousands of high school students in India take the SAT as part of the college admission process. But there are plenty of reasons for you to consider taking the test even if you do not intend to study abroad.

Here are 5 excellent reasons why as a high school student you should take the SAT this year:

1. Accepted Worldwide

SAT is one of the most widely accepted entrance exams for admission to colleges and universities worldwide. Universities around the world, and now even in India, use SAT scores to admit students.

With such wide acceptability, it makes sense for a student to take the test to boost their chances of admission to several universities. By testing themselves against a global benchmark, students also get a fair idea of where they stand.

2. Now Accepted in India

College Board, the non-profit organization that administers the SAT,  recently launched the India Global Higher Education Alliance (“India Global Alliance”) – a platform that gives innovative Indian universities an opportunity to engage with some of the world’s most prominent universities to drive access and excellence in undergraduate admission and enrollment. The ten Indian universities that are the founding members of the Alliance – Ahmedabad University, Ashoka University, Azim Premji University, Bennett University, BML Munjal University, FLAME University, Manav Rachna University, Manipal University, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, and SVKM's NMIMS – accept SAT scores for admission. Students who wish to take admission to any of the above universities can take the SAT and have their test scores sent directly to these Indian Alliance member universities for no cost.


3. Prepare for free

Khan Academy, the popular educational platform that provides online tools and resources for students, has partnered with College Board to offer free practice for the SAT on mobile devices and computers. The official SAT practice platform provides registered students with personalized practice plans, tailor-made for them, based on their diagnostics. By providing a free of cost world-class resource for SAT practice, anyone can practice and prepare for the SAT and achieve success in the exam. The platform has thousands of practice questions, interactive problems, video lessons, full-length practice tests, and a personalized study plan giving students enough preparatory content to get a complete feel of the SAT before taking it.

4. Take SAT for Free (in December 2018 and March 2019)

The cost of the SAT for Indian students is a little less than USD 100 – quite a substantial amount for many in the country. However, Indian students have a great opportunity to take the SAT in December 2018 and March 2019,  without spending a single dime! Eligible students (with annual household income less than INR 6,00,000) can receive a SAT fee reduction voucher, making the test absolutely free for them. Interested students need to register on Buddy4Study platform, fill a request form, and upload required documents to apply for the SAT fee reduction voucher. For any application-related assistance, you may reach out to: 08448709545.

5. Win a Scholarship through the College Board India Scholars Program

If the above reasons didn’t entice you enough, how about the fact that you can win a full scholarship on the basis of your performance in the SAT and financial need! Yes, College Board, in partnership with India Global Alliance members, is offering full tuition scholarships. To qualify for the scholarship, the annual household income of the applicant must be less than Rs 4,00,000, student must score 1350+ out of a total of 1600 on the SAT test, and must be admitted to and enrolled in one of the India Global Alliance member universities.

With so many reasons and incentives to take the SAT, Indian students should undoubtedly add the exam to the top of their priority list for college admissions.

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Armed with a hot cup of coffee and inherent curiosity I love spending time, looking out of my bedroom window in Manhattan.

It’s going to be an early winter, I reckon, as the cool air rushes in, and I see the temperature is 9 degrees C but this doesn’t stop the joggers from running, keeping fit despite the cold, and then I look with even more amazement as a mother runs pushing her stroller ahead of her. No cold or baby can stop these determined, keep fit folk, and I marvel at their determination! I watch New Yorks slim waist lines and realize to conquer this city, you need to conquer yourselves first!

I peer out a little more, and see the familiar dog walkers.

New York, despite small apartments seems to be a city of pet lovers, and I see dogs of all shapes and sizes being taken for their constitutional walks. The dog walkers are a patient lot, and allow their dogs to sniff each pole and fire hydrant, till they settle on what suits them best.

But something I seequite often is that it’s the small dogs who turn aggressive when they see a bigger fellow in their path. They bristle, and growl, and let out shrill, shrieks of anger, whereas the bigger fellow hardly turns to look at them.

But every now and then the small dog looks at his master or mistress for support and approval and I am certain that without those same walkers by their side, the little fellow would have been a quiet fellow. Reminds me a lot of same situation in my country, where small splinter groups are causing a lot of problems, and would have been quiet and silent if not for the assuring figures of their two big brothers who give them confidence they can get away with murder and get off scot free!

Yes, there’s a lot of pretty women down there, and thank god for them, but often when they walk with their children, and sometimes, its even on weekends, I wonder where dad is? It’s a rare sight to see a family going out together, and knowing how high the divorce rate is here I whisper, “Dad, maybe, a walk with your wife and kids will help you enjoy their growing up years!”

My daughter calls out to me and asks if I’d like to go down to the river, and as I stroll and look at the boats and feel a happiness inside, I look up suddenly conscious of windows on the street opposite looking down on me, and wonder what those people think, looking at a carefree me..! 

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Have been watching the tremors, then rumblings and quakes that the Me Too movement is causing in India, and then find reactions, not just coming from men’s locker rooms, but also from some women who seem quite critical of the outbursts and revelations!

“Why did they take so long?” is the popular criticism levelled against these brave women.

You just have to hear the laughter, the snides and ridicule, that Me Tooers face to know why anybody either takes too long or never reveals anything that happens at all. And if they had revealed what they’d gone through at that particular time that these critics so glibly talk about, then the ridicule, the sniggers and the disbelief would have been a hundred, nay a thousand fold louder.

So why now?

Because, today, they have formed a brigade. Today, compared to yesterday they individually have the power to withstand, and today, they don’t want others to go through what they went through before!

If you are still not convinced, let me give you an example:

Many years ago, a sixteen- year old boy, having just finished high school, and seeing his father’s business in the doldrums decided to use his holidays, to work as a salesman for his father’s nearly bankrupt company. He went on his sales rounds, walked into a major corporate house, and a gentleman by the name of Khoshy, told him, he could get him a big order, if he came over for a meeting at a posh restaurant. He went. He had never been inside the restaurant, though it was right opposite his old school. There he was introduced to another gentleman and the first gentleman disappeared saying that this gentleman was the one who needed the services of my dad’s company.

The new gentleman then said the deal could be discussed in a better environment and suggested the beach. The innocent sixteen- year old went and on the beach found the man was a homosexual, and had other intentions, which he was intent on getting away with. The boy ran for his life before things got too hot, returned home, and never spoke about it to his father, even when the gentleman gave his dad the order.

There were two other incidents of the same nature during his sales, one a doctor who again promised him business and the other another corporate fellow.

The boy was scared. He was just sixteen. He waited, another six years and then with other friends thrashed these three men. You don’t have to guess who the boy was. You don’t need to guess why he waited. He waited till he had the strength and was not vulnerable anymore!

But, it sure helps me understand, why these ladies waited years, before they today have the fists and friends to thrash these men through exposure, men who thought they could get away, when their victims were weak and vulnerable..!  

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Dr. Aditya Gupta


Acoustic Neuroma which is also known as vestibular schwannoma, is a benign tumour which is non cancerous and usually grows slow. It develops on the main nerve that leads from inner ear to brain. The branches of this nerve influence the balance ,hearing and the pressure from an acoustic neuroma that can cause hearing loss, ringing in your ear and unsteadiness.


The symptom starts with the gradual loss of hearing in one ear and the problem is accompanied by the ringing in the ear also with the feeling of fullness in the ear. The acoustic neuromas can cause the sudden hearing loss.

The symptoms that occur over time include :

1. Vertigo. 2. Facial numbness and tingling. 3. Problem with balance. 4.  Facial weakness. 5. Change in taste. 6. Difficulty in swallowing. 7. Headaches. 8. Clumsiness. 9. Mental confusion

Cyberknife radiosurgery has revolutionized the treatment of acoustic neuroma


The cause of the development of acoustic neuroma is unknown. A rare hereditary disease “Neurofibromatosis" is associated with acoustic neuroma.

Acoustic Neuroma can also be caused by:

• Continuous exposure to loud noise

• Radiation on face and neck can lead to acoustic neuroma many years later.

 In 1 out of 10 people, an acoustic neuroma is caused by neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). NF2 can run in further generations also. Person suffering from NF2 can develop benign tumours on the spinal cord and the coverings of the brain.

Acoustic neuromas is formed through type of cells called a Schwann cell. These cells cover the nerve cells of the body. That's why this tumour is also called  vestibular schwannoma.

Acoustic tumour grows with the nerve in the brain. This nerve is called cranial nerves or the acoustic or vestibulocochlear nerve. This nerve is responsible to control the sense of hearing and also the  balance of the body.

Acoustic tumour is rare and in between 1 and 20 people in every million worldwide are diagnosed each year with an acoustic neuroma. And its more common in women than men.


The survey says that two out of 100,000 people aged 30 to 60 develop acoustic neuroma, which makes this condition incredibly rare.

The Acoustic Neuroma treatment depends on the size of the tumour. If the tumour is large, there will be more medical problems. The small size of the tumour is less than 1.5 cm, medium is between 1.5 cm and 2.5 cm and large is 2.5 cm or larger. Small tumours require cyberknife due to their size while the larger tumours typically require surgery.

The newest radiation therapy option for acoustic neuroma is a form of radio surgery that requires absolutely no incisions using new technology called CyberKnife. Patients treated with this new non-invasive experience minimal to no side effects.

Radio surgery techniques can stop tumours from growing by using high-dose exact precision radiation treatment. Patients treated by CyberKnife® technology experience minimal to no side effects, and receive treatment on an out-patient basis. After patients undergo radio surgery, the acoustic neuroma is closely monitored to confirm the growth has stopped or that the tumour has begun to shrink.

The surgery includes advanced robotics, tumour tracking and imaging capabilities.

The patients with particular symptoms like pressure symptoms, tinnitus, or imbalance may be best treated with this  surgery  because surgery will relieve the symptoms more rapidly. Also the large tumours means the size greater than 3.0 cm are best treated with surgery because these tumours can sometimes swell and cause obstruction in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Treatment starts with the CT scan. The CT scan image is then imported to the CyberKnife Treatment Planning System. The oncologist team make a plan to treat the tumour while avoiding surrounding important sensitive structures.

The process involves several sittings and per sitting lasts for maximum 1 hour per sitting . The treatment does not require any sedation and is painless.

The chances of side effect is next to negligible. Hearing is preserved and achieved in 50-75% of the time. Temporary numbness of one side of face is 2-3%. After the CyberKnife surgery tumours stabilise in size then shrink with time. 

Dr. Aditya Gupta is the Director, Neurosurgery, Agrim Institute for Neuro sciences, Artemis Hospital.

1.   Students of Speech Therapy are Given Tuition Fee Waiver by TATA Trusts

The scholarship offering is for students who are looking forward to pursue their post-graduation in programs related to Speech Therapy, i.e., Speech and Hearing, Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Audio Speech Therapy, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, from any institute in India.

Last date to submit the application form is November 05, 2018. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


The applicant must have secured 60% in the graduation degree and is interested to take admission in the post-graduation program related to speech therapy. Candidates who are already enrolled in the first or second year are also welcome to apply.

Scholarship Reward

The eligible candidate will receive waiver in tuition fee and related expenditure.

How to Apply

Interested candidate can make an online application.

Other Important Details

Applying candidates need to submit the below mentioned documents:

• Attested mark sheet(s)

• Research document(s)

• Fee receipt

• Letter from college as per specimen

• Bank details (cancelled cheque/passbook)

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2.  College Board Launches its Scholar Program in India with Free SAT and Full Scholarship. Know More Here…

Students who take the SAT for university admission in India, post class 12, are given an opportunity to avail the benefits under this invite. The call offers a free SAT test in December 2018 and full tuition scholarship at leading Indian universities.

Following are the universities offering tuition free waiver: Ahmedabad University, Ashoka University, Azim Premji University, Bennett University, BML Munjal University, FLAME University, ManavRachna University, Manipal University, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, SVKM's NMIMS

Last date to submit the application form is November 02, 2018. In order to be eligible for this program, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


1) For free SAT Test:

• Applicant must be an Indian resident

•Must be in class 12 in the current academic session

• Annual family income must not be more than INR 6,00,000

2)  For full college tuition scholarship, the applicant must:

• Be an Indian resident and studying in class 12 in 2018-19 session

• Be having annual family income less than INR 4,00,000

• Score minimum 1350 out of 1600 in SAT exam

• Be enrolled in any of the participating Indian universities

Scholarship Reward

Selected scholars will appear for SAT examination worth INR 7000 for freeand full tuition scholarship will be given in any of the listed partnered Indian universities.

How to Apply

Online applications are invited from interested candidates.

Other Important Details

Following documents need to be submitted by the applying candidate:

• Passport-sized Photograph

• Family Income Proof

• Address Proof

• Identity Proof

• 11th Marksheet

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