Apropos the news item appeared on your esteemed News paper - Andaman Chronicle dated 5/11/13, Why the hesitation? Are the private practitioners, specialized facilities available in the islands not up to the mark?

The Lt. Governor’s Relief Fund seems to be getting low when the amount is released to needy and BPL patients on the requests made by the political leaders. Perhaps this is the reason, why the Administration had to call in for donations for the LG’s Relief Fund, inviting individuals, firms etc. There have also been instances wherein relief fund provided by the Administration to BPL patients referred to mainland’s hospitals were not sufficient, such situation arises as the patients remain unaware of the ‘extra’ cost of food and lodging that comes with the treatment. Majority of islanders continue to travel to mainland for treatment and for health care needs, despite exorbitant airfares at a time when A&N Administration and the Hon’ble Lt. Governor is putting in all efforts to establish the long pending Medical College.

Through this letter I would like to humbly request the A&N Administration to recognize the Clinics/Hospitals of A&N Islands Private Practicing Doctors Association (ANIPPDA) for various specialties/ facilities they possess. After scrutiny of private clinic/ hospitals by the concerned authorities, the private doctors of our association be empanelled for re–imbursement of treatment fees for Govt. Employees and their family members who can’t afford to go to mainland, when treatment facility is not available at Govt. hospitals.

In A&N Islands many such treatments are done at private clinic/hospitals which have good infrastructure and state-of- the-art facility. Such facilities include Andrology Lab for infertility treatment, semen analysis, intrauterine insemination (IUI) facilities, sperm cryo- preservation, special new born care unit (SNCU) & all neonatal care, pacemaker, therapeutic endoscopy & banding, colonoscopy, ureteroscopy, PCNL (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy), holter, uroflowmetry, BMD (bone mineral density test), broncoscopy, Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT), biothesiometry on foot studies, polypectomy procedures, foreign body removal etc.

The private clinics/ hospitals have also modern day facilities for blood sample collection for biochemistry and histo pathological examination. Other facilities available with the ANIPPDA members are dental implants, fixed teeth (full ceramic, metal with ceramic & Nickel Chromium), Root canal treatment, implant overdentures, orthodontic treatment (fixed braces), apicocetomy, deep seated impaction (extraction of teeth), splinting, space maintainers, root planning & curettage, post core, tooth whitening, veneers, flap surgery, habit breaking appliances, cosmetic dentistry.

In homeopathy, branded medicines too are available in private homeo pharmacy. It is high time that the A&N Administration should give a choice to patients for referral in private clinics in A&N Islands.

Dr. Dinesh

General Secretary

A & N Islands Private Practicing Doctors Association.


It is learnt that the PBMC in their bid to beautify the town have also decided to widen the existing pedestrian / footpath in the Joggers Park to 1.5 mtrs and to also lay chequered tiles on the path. Further the Chairman has also ordered to set up a Snacks Bar in the Park premises.

With chequered tiles flooding the town, be it footpath, motor-able lanes, parking space and so on. I won’t be surprised if they decided to lay chequered tiles on the Sea bed for the Sea walkers too. 

Jogging is an activity that is as demanding as it is beneficial. It generates lot of strain on the Calves and Knees. Therefore, one should not jog on hard surface or tiles (chequered). Nothing should come between the Jogger and the Track.

That is why the Jogging Track surface is made using Eco-Flex rubberized polyurethane that has shock absorption properties to minimize stress level and reduce fatigue and help prevent unwanted injuries.

Hence, for works like these, experts from specialized departments with technical expertise should be consulted /involved.

As for the Snacks bar which is not really required at the Joggers Park but of course safe drinking water facility should be made available (not bottled).      

I am told that during the time when Jogger’s are not jogging, the Joggers Park transforms into a Lover’s Park. It has also been reported that tour operators/ drivers take their guests (tourists) to the Joggers Park which provide good parking space for them and serves as photography point for tourists who despite restrictions use the height of the park to shoot the “Photography Prohibited Air Strip” of the VSI Airport, Port Blair.  

The availability of Snacks will encourage more of such activities. If you still can’t see the future problem like the one at the Parking lot on the way to Marina Park where the PBMC had constructed two Snacks bar counter some years back. The conditions of the same can be inspected.    

Now, if you still decide to set up the Snacks bar, then I can only request you to see that it is kept open only during jogging hours and also assure that all Snacks/eatable sold are all low fat, low calories and chemical free food & drinks.  

Mukeshwar Lall


Apropos your news item titled “LG gives away best teacher award to 17 teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day” carried in the September 7th issue of Andaman Chronicle, it is observed the news report running more than 300 words, narrated every detail of the Teachers Day celebration but missed names of those who received Best Teachers Award on the occasion from the Hon’ble Lt Governor. Ideally those 17 teachers and 9 different educational zones awarded for their performance, dedication and commitment towards their profession [sic] should have been accorded a special mention in the report. But surprisingly none of those awardees teachers featured anywhere in the otherwise detailed news item.

I believe publishing names of those 17 teachers and 9 different educational zones awarded by the Hon’ble Lt Governor on the occasion of teacher’s day would be a fitting tribute to the teaching community.

Thanking You

Debkumar Bhadra

Shore Point, Bambooflat, S Andaman-744107

The letter has been marked to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor with a copy to the Editor.


The Lt. General (Retd.) A.K. Singh,

Lieutenant Governor, A & N Islands,

Hon’ble Sir, 

Thanking you very much for delivering an informative and thought provoking lecture on “Security & Role of Armed Forces” held on 4th September, 2013 at DBRAIT Auditorium”

It was really splendid presentation an eye-opener and exposed us all to matters of National Security, National Strategy, Strategic importance of A & N Islands, GOI’s commitment to ensure our security plus the vast canvas of topics covered.

As I understand that the Andaman & Nicobar Command is presently India’s Lone Tri-Service Unified Command established in 2001 with the presence of Air, Land and Sea forces, including the Coast Guard and is a major amphibious warfare base.

Sir, I have a humbly suggestion to make, an idea that struck me when your illustrated talk made it all come alive.

There are many museums depicting the history of our struggle for freedom and the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters but there is no proper museum to enlighten us with the role of our defence forces in protecting and preserving the hard earned freedom that we enjoy today at the cost of the lives of our soldiers.

Why not an “Armed Force History Museum” or a ‘National Museum of Indian Armed Force History’ be established here in the Andaman Islands.

A World Class high quality Hi-tech interactive Historical Museum preserving Indians Military Heritage for generations with programs and policies that will educate and enlighten the public and especially the youngsters on the military history and traditions of Indian defence forces.

The Museum if established, I am sure will become a major must visit tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourist. It will also generate direct and indirect employment apart from raising welfare funds for defence forces.

A plethora of objects can be kept on display in the Museum viz.: Military Insignia, Military Weapons, Military Antiques, Military Posters, Military Challenge, Military Scale Models, Military Collectibles, Military Uniforms, Military Tanks, Military Vehicles, Battle Ships, Modern Day Aircraft, Helicopters

Mock War, Air Shows and Operations of different War history. Search and rescue demonstration by Armed Forces. Armed Force Memorial Walkway and Garden with engraved Memorial Bricks and Plaques. Separate Kidz Zone with special events viz: - Build a Model etc.

Motion Simulator: Showing the Armed Forces Historic War events, to give visitors an experience of a life time.

The Museum can take the visitors on a journey through Military History: -

Ancient and Medieval period: Rise & Expansion of East India Company * First War of Independence * India under Crown * World War I * World War II * Navel Mutiny * INA * Partition & Indo-Pak War 1947-48 * The Hyderabad Police Action – 1948 (Operation Polo) * Invasion of Goa  - 1961 * Indo-Sino Conflict – 1962 * Indo-Pak War – 1965 * Bangladesh War – 1971 * Operation Cactus (Maldives) – 1988 * Kargil War – 1999 * Role of Indian Peace keeping force  * Proxy Wars etc.

Have an Interactive Virtual Tour display screen to give realistic version of Military life throughout our history, for students to understand the sacrifice made by our Military in order to protect our freedom.

Ride on a Bangladesh / Indo-Pak War tank / Vehicles etc., Hang Gliding experience, Para Gliding, Hands on Commando training

The Museum will have different Hall and Galleries depicting and displaying: History of Victory, Hall of Fame, Martyrs Gallery, Veteran’s Corner, Our hero’s and more, A Museum Store for fun and unique gifts. 

I believe that if such a Museum is established they will thank you for generations. 

Looking forward to more such enlightening lectures.

Mukeshwar Lall

Mobile : 9933293061

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is a single SBI ATM in Mayabunder. It has not been working since last 15 days and the other ATM is at Billiground, a distance of 40 Kms from Mayabunder. As a result, the general public are suffering and literally crying. In case of emergency they are not able to withdraw money. Reliable sources informed me that there is a new machine lying idle, waiting to be installed. Through this letter I wish to bring to the notice of the competent authority on behalf of general public to solve this crisis at the earliest. 

Abdul Siddique,

Panchayat Samiti Member