This has reference to the letter by Mr S Balakrishnan from Kodambakkam, Chennai published in Andaman Chronicle dated 11/12/2010 under the caption “Let us leave the Jarawa to the care of Mother Nature”
It is shocking to read Mr S Balakrishnan of Chennai is imposing his thoughts on the Islanders. It is not a question of what one person from a metropolitan city thinks. The question is what the Islanders need. Mr Balakrishnan wants the ATR closed because he during 1979 took a journey to Mayabunder by ferry and found it quite pleasant. With due regards I want to inform him that the world had moved much farther after 1979 and that bad weather conditions often force the ferries to be called off every now and then, leaving the Islanders in the lurch.
The irony is almost everybody talks about Jarawas dwindling after coming in contact with civilized, ignoring the glaring example of our Nicobari tribe who flourished after adopting mainstream way of life. There are Doctors, Teachers, Officers from the Nicobari tribe. Such a development had been possible only because they adopted mainstream way of life, got educated and eventually flourished.
Further, we human beings were also cave dwellers, hunters, gatherers like Jarawas. With time and freedom, we slowly learnt to utilize natural resources, modified them to meet our needs and made our life comfortable. Had we been prohibited to invent the wheel, could we have achieved the prosperity that we boast of today? We enjoy all the luxury and comfort of modern living at the same time advocate Jarawas should remain confined in the forests, isolated from mainstream. Are we not depriving them of the basic amenities that democracy guarantee to its citizens?
It is a fact that Jarawas are more than eager to join the mainstream. If we are unable to complement them, let us not create roadblocks in their way to the mainstream.
Debkumar Bhadra
Shore Point, Bambooflat
S Andaman-744107

Apropos your news item “Helmet wearing made mandatory for riders and pillion riders” : In this context, it is submitted that the law enforcing agencies are every now and then finding ways to curb the freedom of the otherwise logistically constrained Islanders in one or the other way. The instant notice making it mandatory for pillion riders to wear a helmet is just an example.
The question is how do one put a helmet on the head of a children whome we consider too soft to bear the weight of his school bag? Will the small school going children’s head be able to bear the load of a helmet? What will happen to the ailing parents, senior citizens etc who are often ferried to the hospitals on a two wheeler? The notice is going to directly affect the free movement of those common man, who despite offered loan, did not upgrade to more polluting way of commuting - Personal Cars.
It is easy for the officers to favour such a move because their comfort level is not going to get affected. They are a blessed lot, using Govt four wheelers to drop their children, wife and to ferry themselves to office, market place or anywhere, any time at the cost of the exchequer. Now don’t crack a joke asking me to furnish the names of such officers or the Registration Number of such vehicles.
There are many vehicles still plying with black screen on windows, there are many trucks that emit thick smoke, there are vehicles which still honk the pressure horns, there are many riders who never wear a helmet, there are many vehicles including the Govt one whose drivers and the first seat occupant-escort never wear a seat belt, there are many vehicles which still have the fancy number plates on, there are vehicles which continue to be parked on roads, the buses still do not halt in designated stops, indulge in rash driving, the list is endless …
Through the esteemed columns of Andaman Chronicle I request the law enforcers to concentrate on big offenders and spare the two wheeler pillion riders comprising of children, women folks, senior citizens and every common man from the ambit of the draconian advice to wear a helmet while driving pillion.
Debkumar Bhadra
Shore Point, Bambooflat
S Andaman-744107


We the residents of Shore Point Village under Police Station Bambooflat, Ferrargunj Tehsil, beg to submit the following so that everybody including Hon’ble Lt Governor A&N Islands, Chief Secretary, Deputy Commissioner(South Andaman), Sub Divisional Magistrate and other Officers are made aware of the fact that the residents of Shore Point village are strongly objecting granting of Bar licence to Shri M K Sahadevan, Nico Bar & Restaurant to operate at Shore Point as understood from Press Note No 7-392/LS/2009-10/6440 dated 04/11/2010 published in the Daily Telegrams dated 05/11/2010.

Shore Point is a small village near Bambooflat jetty inhabited mostly by jobless workers of closed ATI factory or BPL family. The village was once flourishing but after closure of ATI factory, the villagers became unemployed resulting in suicide, some migrated and the rest are starving because of non availability of proper employment. Peoples however working as domestic helpers, petty private works, construction sites, etc are leading a peaceful life. Unknowingly the Administration is preparing to disturb peace and tranquility of the ill fated villagers by proposing to grant Bar license at Shore Point village.

This is a very bad idea since the building wherein the bar is proposed is sharing its compound with a temple at the back side. Further the road on which the building is situated is going to be a primary school. Bar on the road will have a bad impact on the minds of small children and Youths will be tempted to drink liquor and perish. There is no parking place or emergency exit or fire exit. There are houses touching the building wherein villagers are staying with their families, children etc, there is no setback available between nearby buildings. The area will become unfit for Ladies, children, elderly persons due to eve teasing, filthy language and rowdy behavior of the drunkards.

Under such circumstances we the residents of Shore Point village request the Hon’ble Lt Governor A&N Islands, Chief Secretary, Deputy Commissioner (South Andaman) and Sub Divisional Magistrate to take note of the strong objection and request to cancel the application of bar licence for Nico Bar & Restaurant at Shore Point village. We do not need a bar at our doorstep, please do not attempt to disturb our peace and tranquility.

“Name withheld”
Residents of Shore Point Village

This is regarding the buffer zone: I think it is really good news. At last sense has dawned on the Administration. But what about the ATR that is being widened which, in the initial stage, ought not to have been laid at all? I was and am completely against the ATR. The ferry journey I undertook in 1979 to Mayabunder was quite pleasant and sufficient.
I am afraid the MP is wrong in his opinion. His argument that people have been living since penal settlement does not hold much water. The Andamanese (both Great Andamanesse and the Jarawas) have been living there since thousands or even millions of years. If we justify driving out the British, what right do we have to hold on to the Jarawa lands? They dwindled after contacts with the so-called civilisation by getting new diseases.
Let the Administration implement the buffer zone. Let us leave the Jarawas to the care of Mother Nature.
S. Balakrishnan
Kodambakkam, Chennai 

Dear Sir,
Once again I am forced to write a review on the latest development in tourism sector, the excellent work done by the A&N Chamber of Commerce and Administration by starting Tourism Activities between Malaysia and Port Blair. This will be a great boon to the Economy of our islands. So as its reflecting, everybody happy now -good amount of money inflow, good amount of tourists inflow, excellent mode of income for IP&T , Agents and Airlines etc. 
But what about the pathetic condition prevailing in Port Blair - Kolkata and Port Blair-Chennai sectors regarding the high airfares and the number of flights? Only 2 flights in IXZ-CCU sector & 4 in IXZ-MAA sectors . Still airfares are so high. As already eveident from the observations about the advance blocking of seats by sya IC, Kingfisher, Jetair or Jetlite staffs and IATA agents, the Administration is doing nothing on this issue. For a 2hrs flight people are forced to pay more than 8000 and at times even 15000-27000 for a single passenger. Why our administration is not going for a talk with managements of all the airlines , so that for the mentioned sectors , airfares are revised and kept a maximum of say 4500-8500, atleast this range is affordable. And why there are only 2 airliners operating between Port Blair-Kolkata where there is so much rush of travellers.
A&N Admin guys are only going for tourists and tourists. They don;t give a serious look into the greviances of islanders. The problem is the entire administrative system is corrupt. they boast of many things and end up only benifiting themselves. What a tragedy!!!