- Dr. Dinesh

Those doing online or offline business be careful. Person name Sahil or Sanjay Singh will contact you and will place an order. After the order is done they will ask for your QR code to pay through Google Pay or Phone Pay or others. They may even share fake address and aadhar card (soft copy). Then they will immediately transfer Re 1/- to your account as a test transfer to verify your account number which will be followed by contacting you over phone to do a test transfer to their QR code to verify their account too.


I request you to apprise via your esteemed Newspaper to the Andaman Administration as well as Electricity Department of Andaman & Nicobar Islands regarding the regular Power Outage issue faced by me and fellow Islanders.

It has become a regular issue and we are facing regular Power/Electricity Outage since last 2 months. The outage is of not few minutes but for long hours every day, which makes it difficult to carry out daily activities and causes unrest. When the country is claiming to have electricity in the remotest of villages, it seems we Islanders are being taken for granted. Please find below details of outage for the last two days but this issue is going on since last two months.

8th June, 2021 - 8 AM to 12 PM, 2 PM to 4 PM & again 11 PM to 1.30 AM

9th June, 2021 - 6 AM to 10 AM & again in the evening.

The publication of difficulties faced by Islanders in your Newspaper will help us to take the matter to the highest decision making authority and could bring some relief to us if action is taken about this by the relevant authorities.

An Islander

I am a Post Graduate student of Dentistry at Chennai, my admission was confirmed just before the lock down and the Directorate General of Health Services, New Delhi has asked me to join the college at Chennai vide their notice on 13/6/2020 and was asked to report to the college physically between 16th June-22nd June, 2020

Dear Editor,

Your Coverage of Lakshadweep and Andaman reviving COVID 19 of 8th July, brings to mind a poem by Tagore, ‘Juta Aviskar‘ (The Invention of footwear).


As you are aware that various universities in India are switching towards online examination mode due to COVID-19 Lock down situations, but the students of these Islands attached to such universities are under distress for unable to make a presentation for online written and Viva examinations, due to very slow Internet bandwidth available in these Islands.