Does a fish know it is wet? Influential cultural and media critic Marshall Mc Luhan would often ask, the answer is ’NO” the fish’s existence is so dominated by water that only when water is absent is the fish aware to its condition (and then it’s too late).so it is with people and mass media. The media so fully saturate our everyday lives that we are often conscious of their presence, not to mention their influence, media inform us, entertain us, delight us, annoy us, the move our emotions, challenge out intellects, insults our intelligence, media often reduces us to mere commodities for sale to the highest bidder, media help define us, they shape our realities.


Dr. Manmohan Singh

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

New Delhi

Sub: History of the ‘’Local born’ s community, their identification next to aborigines of A& N Islands’’ and the administration 50 berth yacht marina on national monument, Viper Island and their emotional attachment to Viper Island.


The rules & regulations are being imposed/ planned to be imposed on our profession, are directly going to affect the health care cost to our patients. Clinical Establishment Act will not let any doctor with limited resources practice medicine comfortably. Running our clinics in accordance with the provisions of this Act will mean having fully equipped clinics like Nursing Homes etc. and therefore, the cost of treatment or stabilization of any kind of emergencies will increase manifold. 

Introduction of NCHRH Bill-2011 is going to affect our  medical practice  as the National Commission for Human Resources in Health (NCHRH) so formed will be a superarching body on all the Councils of medical profession, which clearly means that the powers of Medical Council of India, Dental Council, Pharmacist Council and Nursing Council etc. will be lost and all these will be governed by the proposed Commission which will be managed by the nominees of the Government and not by elected persons of  the medical profession.

Restoration of democratic set up of MCI is very important so that our working & medical education can be controlled by only medical graduates. Any further attempt to take away our autonomy needs to be opposed now with our full might.

The Central Working Committee of IMA discussed all the issues of the medical profession with great concern at its 207th meeting held at Mumbai, on April 22, 2012 and it was decided to Protest against this rules and regulation to be imposed or planned to be imposed.

All the Private Doctors of Andaman & Nicobar Islands had protested today. However all private clinics was kept open for the benefit of the patients coming from far flung islands. Dr. B. Shanmugam, Pediatrician & (Retd) DHS of Shanmugam Clinic, Dr. Rohinder Lall, Ophthalmologist of Rohin’s Eye Hospital, Dr. Sudeep Chakravorthy of Chakravorthy Hospital, Dr. (Mrs) Krishna Saha of Aastha Clinic, Dr. A.P. Bharadwaj, Pediatrician of Chirayu Health Care also opposed the clinical establishment act.


Secretary, IDA(Indian Dental Association) Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Apropos your news item "State Heritage Committee is Eye Wash" I would like to add that one one hand efforts are under way to install a Radar at Narcondum Islands to increase Security cover, putting lives of 300 odd Endemic Narcondum Hornbills in jeopardy, on the other hand, plans are aloof to construct a Yacht Marina at Viper Islands which will allow foreigners to put up in the isolated islands and do what ever they like to do, overlooking the fact that Viper Islands is at a stones throw from Naval Base and ANC HQ, apart from hurting the sentiments of freedom fighters.






I want you to bounce the condition of the interior of the vehicle ferry in front of the administration, which transport people from Bambooflat To Port Blair and vice versa. People use to travel in this and during working days there is a lot of rush, if you see the interior of the vehicle ferry, even a dog would not sit inside it, but we the people have to compromise with it. It's the responsibility of the DSS to maintain it, I am not saying that they don't do, they take the vehicle ferry for service, and when it comes back after some months, it would look like new but after few days again the condition changes as the same now....  People use to spit where ever they want, spitting in the sense eating tobacco (Paan) and spitting inside the vehicle ferry, as they have too much of laziness to spit outside. In The Photo you can see that it’s written "Spitting Is Prohibited" but see the guts of the person who have spitted on it.

The photo also shows school students, or the students who use to go for private tuitions, writing abusive words on the benches with markers, giving number of their friends to play prank with them, which is nothing but spoiling our national property. Not even a single place is left without markers, doors, windows, benches, everywhere there is something written on it. Don't you think someone must be appointed for this, to stop such activities? Many tourists visit Mount Harriet and travel in these boats. Andaman is a great place for tourists but if we spoil our property in this manner, what would be the impression carried by the visitors about our Islands?

C.H. Mohammed Ashraf (Student Of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology)