This is with reference to the news published in Andaman Chronicle on Dec, 27, 2008. The news regarding the use of explosive should be like an eye opener to the A&N Administration. Explosive should always used under proper guidance and by lisenced personnel. But I do not think in Port Blair there is anybody authorized for this. If so one person cannot go to all the quarries for blasting. More over one can calculate the amount of stone they have removed and the amount of explosives issued.

One good thing about Deputy Commissioner’s office in Port Blair is that they always made rule as per the convenience of these people. For example: one can run a crusher if he obtains a commercial land. That does not mean one can open a cabaret if he has got a commercial land or even in this case, a crushing unit. 

There are many cases which goes unnoticed where illegal migrants from Bangladesh, Myanmar come ashore and get into the main stream by involving themselves with the locals. 

Once upon a time local certificates were sold in Chennai to obtain ship tickets. The administration should take stringent measure to stop this.

In our bureaucracy system every body gives decision sitting in the office but no body goes to the grass root.

I am sure the Deputy Commissioner will not know the quarries and the crushers allotted by him but he will surely know the owners.