Port Blair, April 10: Power supply will remain suspended at Shoal Bay- Ferrargunj Feeder: Tanki Pahad, Kanyapuram village, Wimberlygunj to Ferrargunj to Ferrargunj, Ferrargunj to Jirkatang, Ferrargunj to Ram Nagar & Wimberlygunj to Shoalbay-19 on April 13 in connection with line clearance and maintenance of T&D system in Shoalbay and Ferrergunj Feeder.

Port Blair, April 9: The Andaman & Nicobar Police has announced a significant breakthrough in law enforcement technology – the development of the "Islands’ Cyber Saarthi," a cutting-edge Cyber Chatbot. This achievement marks a remarkable milestone, making it the first in the Union Territory of India and the second in the country after Surat police to introduce such a sophisticated tool. The creation of "Islands’ Cyber Saarthi" underscores the unwavering dedication of the Andaman & Nicobar Police to innovation and their commitment to remaining at the forefront of the digital era. Serving as a beacon of technological advancement, this CyberBot represents a pivotal step in the ongoing efforts of the Andaman & Nicobar Police to enhance their technological capabilities. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the "Island’s Cyber Saarthi" Chatbot is poised to transform the way public interacts with law enforcement agencies regarding cybercrime matters. At its essence, this Chatbot serves as a comprehensive platform for addressing a wide range of queries and concerns related to cybercrime and its prevention.

I extend warm and heartiest greetings to the people of Telugu Community of Andaman & Nicobar Islands on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, marking the commencement of Telugu New Year.

Let us cherish the rich traditions, cultural heritage, and values that bind us together, fostering unity and harmony among us.

Port Blair, April 9: Since the moon has not been sighted in these Islands today, the Andaman & Nicobar Hilal Committee in its meeting has unanimously decided that ‘Eid-ul-fitr’ will be celebrated in these Islands on 11th  April 2024.

Port Blair, April 9: In an innovative endeavour aimed at raising awareness regarding the perils of drug abuse, anti-drug awareness stickers were affixed on LPG cylinders distributed within the community. Spearheaded by the Anti-Narcotics Police Station, this initiative seeks to engage a broad audience and impart vital knowledge about the adverse consequences of substance misuse.