Port Blair, Aug. 4: Owing to the increased movement of general public in the public transport, operated in the South Andaman District like Stage carriage buses, Autorickshaws and taxis, which might be one of the medium for transfer of virus between the infected and non-infected persons, the Director of Transport, Dr Navlendra Kumar Singh has issued an order to suspend the services from 4th August 2020 to 11th August 2020.

Port Blair, Aug 4: As a part of precautionary measures to fight the Pandemic COVID-19 the PBMC has put in extra efforts and swung into action to keep the city clean, sanitize the Containment Area, vulnerable stretches of the city and all Quarantine homes/Institutions and all markets.

- Manvi

The world under Covid-19 is surreal. Empty roads, clear skies, no people at stores and public places. It sounds a bit like a sci-fi. The coronavirus outbreak feels like something out of a science fiction novel or movie. Indeed novelists and filmmakers have been imagining scenarios like this for centuries. It was Mary Shelley, who wrote one of the first plague novels The Last Man (1826) in which she envisioned a post-apocalyptic earth ravaged by plague at the end of 21st century in which everything gets extinct. In the end the "last man" is seen floating away from Britain in a small boat. Ever since then if we see such pandemic based novels have taken a huge part of the thriller genre whether it is novel like Pandemic come and goes in waves, or The Andromeda Strain in 60's by Michael Crichton, The mega successful The Stand in 70's by Stephen King and many others like Outbreak by Robin Cook in 80's and Max Brook's World War Z in 2000's.

Port Blair, Aug 3: The recent weather forecast indicates remnant of low pressure system from East will emerge in to North Bay of Bengal. It is likely to intensify further and become well marked low pressure area by 4th Aug 20. Under its influence, heavy rain, squally winds gusting upto30-35 knots and very rough sea conditions with wave height 3.5-4.0 Mtrs are likely to remain over Andaman sea upto 05 Aug 20.

Samir Acharya

Most doctors are aware of hospital infections. These are a class of infections which are bred through excessive use of antiseptics or sanitizers. It also raises the chance of breeding selectively and creating new resistant strains of pathogens. This is generally known as Hospital infections and are difficult to treat being multi drug resistant. A standard operating procedure needs to be adopted to save us from a potential hazard.