And during the next elections as different parties promise freebies to the poor, and the same poor people with stars in their eyes jump to claim them, remember it’s your tax money that is being paid in exchange for votes! Free colour TV’s, waiver of farmer loans, free electricity and many, many schemes that come from the treasure chests of the government but which actually is your money!

                     Yes, it’s yours my friend, your taxes!

Brahma kamal

It is believed in Hindu mythology that Brahma Kamal was created by Lord Brahma, to help Lord Shiva place the head of an elephant on the body of Lord Ganesha. The flower dropped it’s nectar from its petals on the body and Ganesha came to life again. Some folklore also say that on the revival of Lakshmana using Sanjeevani, the Gods showered Brahma Kamal from heaven in celebration and hence, Brahma Kamal fell to earth and rooted in the Valley of Flowers.

I pressed the horn, stomped on the accelerator, cursed the driver in the next car and nearly shouted at the traffic policeman. “What’s the matter dad?” she asked.

“I hate being late,” I grumbled.

“D’you know of all the people whose lives were saved because they were late?”

A writer rarely has free time, not because he’s always writing, but that he’s thinking his next article or story or play or plot. But, on those delightfully glorious occasions I find I have that odd hour or two, I pull out a huge volume of short stories by Roald Dahl, and lose myself in his world of fantasy, and unexpected story endings.

I was pleasantly surprised that Dahl is also a favourite author of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak!

Here’s a small story of two brothers who lived side by side in their own farms for many years, until one day, a foolish argument caused a rift between them. This was the first serious disagreement the brothers had in all of their 50 years. Up until that day, they always worked their fields together, shared knowledge and produce, and lent a helping hand to one another in times of need. The fight began over a small misunderstanding, but the dispute dragged on and became an angry exchange of words, followed by weeks of silence.