“You are an ungrateful people!” I shout, as bruised, battered and beaten, a tired people stare back at me: “We can’t take being pushed, pulled and pummeled every moment of the day!” cry the people, “Either it’s a lynching mob stringing up someone, or government agencies putting people in jail! We are tired!”

“Broaden your vision!” I tell the people sternly, “Look at what is standing there above the clouds, dwarfing even the Liberty statue! Look at the world record it has created, and yet you say, you are fatigued and tired? Raise your eyes and see the loftiness of our achievements!”

 ‘.. the new building….will cost Rs 970 crore. It would replace the existing colonial structure..’.. Times of India

My friend, a building contractor, rushed to my home yelling, “I am going to be a rich man, I may be awarded the contract to build a bigger Parliament House!”

“Why?” I cried, “I see nothing wrong with the existing building.”

Even as our rupee plunges against the dollar and fuel prices rise, gather yourself and don’t go down. Every country at some point or other goes through such chaos, and comes out when her people gird themselves and stand firm.

Yet, even as you do that, remember the poor. They are hit more than you: Your meal may not have as many vegetables as a month ago; theirs have become two meals or sometimes just one! Give them a helping hand: This is the time your maidservant, watchmen, sweeper and others need you more than ever.

Somewhere in a Mumbai suburban housing colony, a stray cat which was being fed by an animal lover, was taken out of the society by a person who did not love animals and dumped at a market. The lady who fed the poor cats and dogs was a religious person who believed that these miserable four-legged creatures were hers to look after.

When she saw the cat was missing, she suspected foul play and went to the police. The police immediately checked the cameras in the compound and found what had happened and confronted the culprit.

With so many advantages for those who claim reservations in our country, many forward class citizens are trying to certify themselves as backward and the day is coming when the whole nation may be known as a reserved country!