As I read about Trump ranting and raving about immigrants, I remember my father telling me about travel in his days. Those were days, he told me, when one hardly reserved seats when travelling but took one’s chances in crowded, congested, claustrophobic third class compartments.

First you arrived, along with seemingly a million others on the platform, waited for yon smoke spouting train and as you looked with dismay at the doorway of each compartment, it seemed warriors, bristling with rage, guarded each entrance, preventing entry. You pleaded, pushed, even pinched your first leg in, then the other. Shoved back, you thrust more determined and finally as the train left the station you were perched precariously maybe, but victoriously on step number one.

However confident a politician is, the one time he or she gets afraid is when voters exercise their greatest power at elections; the power to choose!

Your greatest power is your power to choose, do you use that power?

Benjamin Franklin, one of the great Founding Fathers of the United States, did something quite remarkable early in his adult life. At age 20 he was keenly aware of so-called character defects that hindered him. Franklin noticed that he had difficulty getting along with people. He tended to argue too much. He had trouble making and keeping friends. The list continued.

Was saddened to hear that ‘Churchgate’, the most recognised railway station in the country, was being renamed. Churchgate, signified many decades ago, the entrance gate to the Fort of Bombay, where a church stood. So, the gate got to be called ‘Churchgate’ and since the station was built down the same road, it bore the same name.

Just imagine the unfolding of pages of history, with just a name opening it up.

And that history belongs to you and me, with nobody having the right to take it away from the present or future generations.

Today’s world is all about new ideas that are changing the way we live.

Just because something existed from the time you were born, doesn’t mean you accept that it continues to be that way: That’s how the motor car was invented, the aeroplane, the computer, so look around you and think, what you can change by putting your thinking cap on:

Chotu, all of thirty- six sat on his verandah on Valentines Day studying Linda Goodman's Love Signs. He was sure this was the day. He had read enough, studied much and knew for certain the chemical process would work in his favour today.

"Chotu you are thirty six years old, we will get you a bride from the village!" his mother had said a little earlier in the morning, but Chotu, all of five feet two inches, drew himself to his full height and told her he was capable of winning his woman himself. "Love is in the air mother," he said and his mother sighed and wondered why she could not smell what her son was so sure he was sniffing.