It’s not often I reach out to others for help, but I remember the time I did: It was the day, when I buckled under the weight of carrying too heavy a load, not just that, but being thought of as someone who could carry more. You know what I mean? Mr Strong Guy, or Ms Strong Woman to whom everyone goes to when in trouble, who has strong shoulders for all to lean on, carrying enough tissue for the world’s tears to be wiped away?

 “Who’s this?” I asked my friend as I entered his house and saw a disheveled boy sitting in his living room.

 “My son!”

 “Hi,” I said and watched as the young fellow stared at me then looked around, ran around the room searching for something like a dog looking for his favourite bone and then sat down waving his arms at his father.

The only agenda the opposition parties have for the 2024 elections is to bring down Modi! That’s all and no more!

This is not going to win elections, as people wonder what will happen if they do win. Will they be clueless? Will they sit complacently, once they have achieved their goal? What people want to see is what they are going to offer in return for their votes.

The Dean of the American university looked up with dismay at what his secretary was telling him, “That could spell doom for our universities!” he whispered.

“Yes sir, especially as most of our fees come from Indian students!” said his secretary.

“And when did this strange phenomenon start?”

The wife nearly came bouncing into my study, where I pretended to write an article while actually looking longingly at some online shopping clothes, “There’s some government officials to see you!” she said.

“Oh no!” I said, “Have they come to arrest me?”

“They’re not cops,” she said, “I think they’re going to give you some award!”