A few years ago V. Bhaskaran, coach of the Indian hockey team lamented the fact that his team was losing because of bad luck and bad umpiring! “I am proud of my brave boys!” he said, “and they deserved to win but were robbed off victory by bad luck….”

                          And he gave a number of reasons why luck had passed them by.

 ‘Mr. Singh our honorary secretary is coming to visit us now,’ said my wife putting down the phone, ‘he said it was a business visit.’

 ‘Does he have any other business than being our society’s secretary?’ I asked surprised. ‘All I’ve seen him doing is instructing the watchman how to salute him, shouting at the sweeper to clean his car or yelling at the pump-man to carry his bags up. What other work does he do?’

- Shahnaz Husain

Looking fresh and glowing all day long can be quite a struggle, especially in summers  when we have to deal with dry  and  dehydrated skin.. Well, it is not easy to deal with pollution, dirt and oil due to continuous exposure to harsh sunlight/ UV radiations . It is hard to maintain a fresh face with  severe environmental conditions during summer time .

After winning several archery contests, the young and rather boastful champion challenged an old saint who was also renowned for his skill as an archer. The young man demonstrated remarkable technical proficiency when he hit a distant bull’s eye on his first try, and then split that arrow with his second shot.

 “There,” he said to the old man, “see if you can match that!”

A few years back I'd gone to spend a month in Europe. It had been an exciting trip and I'd made many friends and visited wonderful places but when I boarded the Alitalia flight back home, there was an incredible childlike ecstasy like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I actually felt like dancing on the plane to the amusement of my co-passengers who had boarded the plane at Milan.