Was driving through Kentucky in the US, when suddenly my eye caught by miles and miles of stonewalls alongside the road.

“Built by slaves!” said my brother and I stared at the walls and then whispered, “Stop the car!” I got down and walked over to the stonewalls and stared at the flat stones placed roughly one on top of the other even as seemed to hear faintly through the ages; sounds of soft singing: Agonized, harrowing, painful, it pierced through my soul tearing me apart with the sadness the words and tunes carried!

"Where's Monica?" I asked this morning as I entered the physiotherapy department of the local hospital where my aching writers neck was being treated.

"She's gone on leave," said the new face and we walked to the place where she would use the ultra sound machine on my throbbing portion. A little lotion of some sort was always rubbed first so that the machine would run smoothly. I heard a spluttering noise this time and realized the new girl had decided to hold tin over my neck and press the contents of the canister over my neck. She did this a few times and I felt the oozy stuff trickling all over.

This happened a few years ago; I was catching a flight to Mumbai from Delhi and standing in line for my security check; the queues at airports are worse than the lines you see at railway stations and bus stops and this one in particular was moving at a snail pace, suddenly a family of eight walked down the line to the head of the queue and the father and another gentleman who I presumed was the uncle started pushing all the members into the line.

Was reading an article by Stephen Covey the other day and found it so meaningful and true I thought I’d share it with you today: It’s called the 90/10 Principle. It will change the way you manage your life. What is the 90/10 Principle?

Every now and then the name of Group Captain Abhinandan pops up, as a hero, and maybe the one and only hero the nation has had for many years. We think that heroes are found only in the battlefield, and only among the armed forces, but it is not so, heroes are everywhere if we’d only recognize them.