I notice that on certain mornings I get up worried, “Worried about what?” I ask myself and realize it is just a habit and most people get out of bed worried every morning!

We are worried about ourselves, our jobs, children, health and just about everything, and a little later when we settle down to read the morning paper our worries increase even more as we hear about bomb blasts and terrorist attacks all over.

I watched the family as they stood near the roller coaster ride. Each one bore different look. The teenage son looked at the cars coasting around with glee; he was just waiting, I could make out for his share of fun; the mother looked a little worried and the father was grinning till he saw his small daughter crying.

"What's wrong?" he asked and I strained my ears to hear the conversation.

Once upon a time, so the old tale goes, there lived an emperor who wanted to stitch himself the fanciest set of clothes in his kingdom. So he called the best tailors and asked them if they would stitch them for him, and even offered to pay a million rupees for the set of clothes. Most of the tailors refused; they knew if his majesty was not satisfied, he would chop off their heads, and nobody likes to walk around without a head do they?

So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth… New King James Version

How easy to be lukewarm or mellow!

The road runs wide through the extended city of Greater Mumbai, till, just before it enters the same city, it narrows into a street, meanders and twists reluctantly past posh homes, leaning balconies, where liveried residents, inside air-conditioned flats grimace disdainfully as they peer at traffic jams below, causing exhaust fumes to float past their permanently shut windows. “Cough! Cough!” they politely splutter, if ever the same windows slip open and polluted fumes rush in.