A moneyed friend of mine had just come back from a holiday he’d spent at Mahabalipuram, the temple town a few kilometres from Chennai. Since I’d been there a few times, I’d told him about the carvings, the sculptures and the temples, and was quite eager to hear his own experiences, “Bob,” he said excitedly, “The place is fantastic! It is so huge, it stretches for hundreds of metres!”

A few decades ago, the family doctor reigned supreme! From a common cold to cancer, families sought his advice. His word was the gospel. His clinics were full.

His diagnosis was good, his manner amiable, but alas, there were times, when he lost a patient or two, and his clients slowly started drifting to specialists. Today most everybody does and the good old GP has returned to treating common colds and leaving cancer and covid to specialists!

But not so the rest of the KnowAlls!

Was sipping tea in the back seat of my car when my driver suddenly braked, throwing scalding hot tea from my glass all over me, "Sorry sir," he said as he looked in the rear view mirror. I rubbed the hot steamy liquid of my stained shirt, and grimaced with pain as I felt my skin already beginning to burn. "What happened?" I asked angrily.

"Driver in front braked sir," he said.

"But I saw the traffic stopping in front of him, didn't you?"

"I was just watching car in front sir!"

One of the saddest pictures I’ve seen in recent times, is the back of a young girl in jeans, head bowed down, weeping over the sliced trunk of an axed tree, her arms holding it tight! That picture was worth a thousand words, because plans for a huge metro project in Mumbai, involving a shed for train cars, supposed to come up in the Aarey forest, was shelved because of that one pic.

T’was a fancy restaurant we went to, the waiter not only had a stiff upper lip, but same surgeon had turned his nose up in the air too. “What will you have sir?” he smirked.

 “Wine!” I said

 “Which one?”


 “Which red one sir?”