Spent some time this morning listening to a podcast, “Shut Up!”

Now that’s not a nice way to start a day, but quite often that’s what we need to do, to have a successful day and lead a good life, simply, “Shut Up!”

Do you know you've got a mouse in your house? A little fellow who could cause destruction, devastation and wreak havoc in your life? A mouse which wriggles this way and that and if not kept under control is sure to bring you and your house down sooner or later?

 “What’s wrong with you?” I said to my gardener as he stood with a crestfallen face before me. “Now you want money for Ganpati, then your wife will want to buy new clothes to dance during Navratri and finally you’ll ask me for a big advance for Diwali.”

“I am sorry sir,” said my middle aged gardener, the wet mud still fresh on his hands and the smell of manure clinging onto him.

A couple of years ago, I was asked to conduct a wedding. Now I’m no priest, but since the couple had already had a registered wedding, I was asked to give a blessing. So I did. I stood in front as the couple walked in, and waited as the organist played the Bridal march, and waited and waited for her to finish, even after the couple had done the walk, reached the altar, and were waiting for her to stop. But did she stop? No, she didn’t. She had to play the whole march, even if the music was to be played only for the duration of the march by bride and bridegroom.

Read the headlines this morning; that one of those who had masterminded the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, and who is now in a prison in the US, has had a charge sheet filed against him by the Indian government. Hearing this, my mind immediately went back to that terrible night, when the attacks were organised at different places which the terrorists had chosen, or randomly decided to strike. Two of the places they assaulted were the CST Station and a little farther, the Madam Cama hospital.

Today, the activist label is beginning to have a bad meaning. Anyone who sees something wrong and decides to right that wrong is labelled an activist and dealt with severely, which inspired me to write about this suburb somewhere in Mumbai, where locals get up early so they can take a walk in the park. Some walk to lower their blood sugar, some their blood pressure, some because their spouses have told them they’ve put on weight, and some to stare and gaze at others who have come to stare and gaze at them.