Was thinking of the free gift of health this morning as a friend asked me about my new glasses and remembered that morning when the watchman at the gate told me a friend of mine in the next building had had an accident, “His car is over there,” said the watchman and took me to the spot where the car was lying. I lifted the cover and saw the front had been severely damaged.

There was no lunch laid out for me the other day.

It’s a habit of mine to leave my door open, while I write in my study. The cook comes in everyday as she has been coming for the last twenty five years and cooks a meal for me. When the children were there, she cooked for all of us, but now it’s just for me, as my wife has her lunch between her cases at the hospital.

But, that day, there was no lunch laid out for me.

In the days of old, even just a hundred years ago, nations made secret agreements with each other. These treaties were thrown on the face of a warring enemy, who suddenly realized they had a more formidable conflict in their hands after they saw the secret treaty.

Some important secret treaties of that era were the secretly concluded treaty of Ottoman–German alliance, concluded at Constantinople on August 2, 1914. That treaty provided that Germany and Turkey would remain neutral in the conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, but if Russia intervened "with active military measures" the two countries would become military allies. Another important secret treaty was the Treaty of London, concluded on April 26, 1915, in which Italy was promised certain territorial concessions in exchange for joining the war on the Triple Entente (Allied) side. Another secret treaty was the Treaty of Bucharest, concluded between Romania and the Triple Entente powers (Britain, France, Italy, and Russia) on August 17, 1916; under this treaty, Romania pledged to attack Austria-Hungary and not to seek a separate peace in exchange for certain territorial gains. Article 16 of that treaty provided that "The present arrangement shall be held secret."

Venkatesh Kumar Singh

We human beings live in a society and human nature makes this society very complex as the human intention cannot be considered to be the appropriate one, for all the others who exist in the society. The political philosopher Hobbes believed that when two or more people want the same thing, they become enemies and attempt to destroy each other. The best for one could be completely wrong for the other.  The limited resources have proved to be challenging for the fulfillment of the human tendency of being always in need of more. Hence, conflict becomes natural among the individuals living in the society. To avoid this situation, laws are introduced in order to function the society smoothly.

The stuffed teddy bear, belonging to one of my daughter’s when she’d been little, now sat in all regality on a little rocking chair, also belonging to my other daughter when she was little. The bear looked at me with its beady eyes, “Why are you pacing up and down Bob?”

 “The heat is killing me!” I said, even as I wondered at the back of my mind, how teddy, belonging to children of mine, had the audacity to call me ‘Bob’, but never mind, the heat was too much for me to care about such trivialities and I continued my pacing.