A few years ago while spending a pleasant evening in one of the many family run restaurants in Korea, seated comfortably on cushions at low tables with legs crossed in modified lotus position, the middle aged waitress came and started saying something to us; unfortunately none of us understood Korean. Vispi turned to me; I looked at Ashok who looked blankly at Rufus.

Exhausted after having written the synopsis of a three act play, getting a top Mumbai theatre personality interested in another, meeting a producer for my film script, and finishing the teaching of my online classes, my creative mind was now a total blank. If you’ve heard of the phrase, and not the dish, ‘bheja fry’ I would say, that’s how my brain was; fried!

The Supreme Court feels that the two years imprisonment now meted out for causing death due to rash driving is ‘grossly inadequate’. I agree, but would like to define what the police believe is rash and negligent driving, and what actually happens on the road when an accident takes place.

Since I have been driving most of my life, I’ve seen my share of accidents and have also been involved in one, where I had to face police and court, through no fault of mine.

According to the law, roads are meant for driving and certain designated spots like pedestrian crossings, subways and over-bridges are meant for pedestrians to cross.

A trend that’s becoming common as political defections take place is for elected representatives to flee their state in hordes and hole themselves up in hotels in far corners of the country, where bereft of any means of communication, they keep themselves occupied in pleasurable activities that include everything except what they have been elected to do, which is to represent the party which their voters voted for.

Do you think my hair is soft and shiny?" Zarine asked Kumar one moonlit evening.

Kumar answered, "Yep."

"And are my eyes bright and beautiful?" she continued.