Port Blair, June 24: The vessel MV Swaraj Dweep is expected to arrive at Port Blair on June 26 at 1400 hrs from Vizag. She has 807 passengers and 4 infants on board. On arrival, the vessel will be berthed at Haddo Wharf and passengers will be disembarked immediately.

Port Blair, June 24: Passengers/general public have been informed that the vessel MV Campbell Bay will sail for Campbell Bay via Little Andaman & Nancowry on June 29 at 1000 hrs from Haddo Wharf and will sail back to Port Blair on June 30 at 1700 hrs directly from Campbell Bay. 

Port Blair, June 24: Hon’ble Justice Joymalya Bagchi and Hon’ble Justice Gaurang Kanth, Judges of the Calcutta High Court shall be sitting/ holding Circuit Court at Port Blair from July 1 to 15.

Port Blair, June 24: Heavy to very heavy rain (07-20 cm) is likely to occur at one or two places over Andaman Islands and heavy rain (07-11 cm) is also likely to occur at one or two places over Nicobar Island on June 25. Heavy rain (07-11 cm) is likely to occur at one or two places over Andaman Islands on June 26. Squally weather with strong surface wind speed 40-50 kmph is very likely along and off A&N coast. Sea condition is also likely to be rough to very rough. Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the sea along and off A&N Islands till June 27.

Port Blair, June 23: For some time now, reports have been coming from around the world that microplastics have been found in human hearts, and sometimes the presence of plastic has been recorded in human liver. In another shocking discovery, scientists have found microplastics in the human penises for the first time, suddenly raising concerns about the spread of these microscopic particles and their serious adverse effects on health.