Two Thousand Twenty Two was not in the best of moods as the last few days of her reign on earth drew to a close, “I’m not sure I want to go!” she said, to no one in particular, but she knew she was being heard by the years past and the years that were going to come in.

 “Why not?” asked one of the previous years, “Every Year, serves her time, then rests in history, why not?”

 “I somehow feel I wasn’t used well by the people!” said Two Thousand and Twenty-Two.

Here’s a little story today partly made by me and partly borrowed:

A sad little princess dreamed of happiness while gazing out of the window of her castle.

Suddenly from among the flowers appeared her fairy godmother who said, “Happiness is coming this way and if you get to meet it, go after it and it will give you all the joy you are dreaming about.”

Quite a few years back, I remember a flag hoisting: I watched as my dear friend slowly made her way across to hoist the flat. She was eighty-four. “Bob,” she used to say, “In Jalandhar where I lived with my husband, I used to be known for who I was, here I am known as someone’s mother or the children’s grandmother!”

And as the frail hands pulled the rope that held the flag I whispered to her, “Now you’re famous.”

There’s more and more news coming from all over the country of churches being broken and believers thrashed. And from the leadership, a huge silence.

I’m reminded of the play, ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ where the knights on hearing King Henry’s explosive words against Thomas Becket the Cardinal, rush in search of the Cardinal and murder him in the cathedral.

 “Bob,” she wept on the phone, “I don’t have a job!”

 “How’s that?” I asked, very surprised, “You have many years before retirement and you’re good at your work, I thought?”

 “That’s what I thought too,” she whispered, “But a young boss took over and he felt that I didn’t have the ruthlessness and focus to deal with my juniors! She felt I was too soft!”