When all over the world, better roads allow vehicles to be driven faster, t’was strange the Madras Hight Court ordered the reduction of speed limits from 120 kmph to the old limit of 80 kmph.

But they were right in doing so.

How nice life would be with no problems, right? You get up in the morning, and there’s a calm, a peace, a wonderful feeling of quiet because, wow, there’s no problem!

You smile to yourself, and drift back into sleep, because there’s really nothing to apply your mind to, today! There’s no problem to keep you awake, your body goes back to sleep.

What a beautiful thought, right?

“An annual opportunity for everybody to promote and gain knowledge in first aid’’

 First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either minor or serious illness or injury. First aid is provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, to promote recovery and to help to ensure safe transportation of the casualty to the nearest health care facility.

Today what the world needs are individuals.

What we see more than before are clones. Though we are all created to look different, think different and speak different, we find safety in being similar, and therein lies the problem. In similarity comes lack of conviction and courage. We don’t want to stand out and be different. We feel we’re asking for trouble if we do so, and in a strange way cloning is thus taking place using a different process than the Dolly method.

Poor Mirabai Chanu! What a weight rested on her, as one point three billion pinned all their hopes on her weight lifting shoulders!

What a shame, that we, with the world’s second largest population, are still trailing other countries like Japan, with an area just about that of little Kerala, with 15 golds, 4 silver’s and 7 bronze’s, and we with just one silver medal!

That China already has 36 medals, the US, 41, and I’m sure that tally must have increased by now, and we have a measly one or have we got 2 by now?