One day while walking in the park I accidentally brushed past a man. "Sorry!" I said.

"Thank you!" he replied.

I walked on a little puzzled, wondering whether I'd heard right, and then slowed down waiting for him to pass, "Why did you say thank you?" I asked.

"Because you're the first person who's ever spoken to me in this park!" he said.

Many years ago I found that the best way to conduct a meeting was to remain calm when harsh words were thrown at you, and I learned a lot from trying to feed my dog who was not too interested in eating "Eat!" I would shout at my German -Shepherd, "Come on eat I'm getting late!"

And my dog would stare with a stubborn look on canine face. That's when I found a method, far better; that when I remained calm, Jeff obliged and polished off his meal.

Being driven around Bhopal and watching pedestrians on the road, off the road and nearly on top of the cars and other vehicles, my imagination started working overtime:

The two men walking right in the middle of the road, were not bothered by everybody blowing their horns at them. “Watch out,” shouted his companion as a car screeched to a halt inches away from his friend.

And as another mass shooting takes place at Maine, in the US, leaving eighteen dead, I am reminded of the frequent school shootings happening inside classrooms around America, having parents live in fear as they bid their children goodbye at school gates.

 “One for you dad! One for you mom!” The bullets brutally sing out as they burst from guns held by rage filled teenagers and other youngsters, finding targets in classrooms; innocent little children, now sprayed, not with confetti or fun balloons but with lethal leaden ammo, that tears into their tiny bodies, and lifeless they fall, or lie wounded on classroom floor whimpering for a mom or dad who can’t protect them anymore!

They were the most beautiful women I had ever seen together!

Oh yes, I have stared unashamedly at calendar collections of beauty queens gathering at some resort, with some famous photographer cunningly revealing all their vital assets, have even read from underneath those pictures, that these women were the most gorgeous in their country. But as I entered the room today and sat in the last corner chair, and as I saw each of these women, it was a beauty that far transcended any picture that any photographer of any beauty pageant had ever taken.