This is not about one woman shouting ‘rape’ but hundreds coming out and screaming of the atrocities by the Deva Gowda family!

Ever wondered where it started?

Well, not in the politician’s home or through his upbringing but in our collective, national feeling about women.

A few years back many learned pundits tried to analyze and find out why Hillary Clinton lost the election when she stood against Trump. Just before the results, every exit poll, news channel and publication predicted she would win. But she lost!

I was in the US when two of her debates with Trump took place. What I saw was a lady with no passion. She was like a cold fish!

So often our success is because of the hard work of a mother, father, elder brother or sister, or a wife or husband. Sometimes we forget, and tell the world we are self-made people, but today on her birthday I remembered my late mother’s wedding ring: It was worn out, not for the lack of gold, but by the scrubbing, stitching, washing and working those hands wearing that ring did as I grew up.

As polls come nearer, the temple or mosque issue starts becoming louder. I wondered what if American President Biden does the same when he stands for President again?

"President Biden, America is in a financial crisis, what are the methods you plan to bail the country's economy?"

"I have plans to build a huge church! Yes! A tall, gigantic church right in the middle of Times Square! I will pull down all those giant billboards and right there I will build this beautiful temple to my God!"

At JFK in New York he stood in line like everybody else.

Getting into the aircraft, he moved aside to let a lady pass, even giving her a courteous nod.

At Paris, he arrived late and found the line to India lengthy, but here, instead of joining the queue he edged to my side a little ahead, pretending to look at his phone, as his wife and son, also pretended to look at theirs, and then in one swift deft motion, he moved into the space ahead.