They were exceptionally good skits, all done using ChatGPT! I watched the actors working on their dialogues and noticed their lines were all geared towards solving addiction problems. ChatGPT had done an excellent job of giving solutions through clever discourse and rational thought, but as I continued watching, I noticed one major ingredient missing….

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus delayed a visit to a close friend who was dying. His delay was on purpose, which was to reach the residence and work a great miracle, so that many would see the power of God. When he reached Bethany where Lazarus lived the sisters ran out to tell him their brother was dead. They cried in deep agony, saying if the Lord had come earlier, Lazarus could have been healed.

What I had in my youth was a burning passion for bikes, and what mechanics latched onto those days were people like me, who knew nothing about these mean machines, except being dazzled by the external spit and polish. And so, one day there I was saddled with an old Jawa, that couldn’t run, and which I walked alongside and pushed home.

I soon found it was indeed beyond repair and was dejected knowing a dream of riding a bike was gone, since I’d put my savings into it. Till an old Anglo-Indian gentleman said he could get it running, “But just running Bob!” he said, “nothing more!”

Whoever heard of heavy rains in April and suddenly there was a search to find my umbrellas, who I believe go on vacations between one monsoon and another. Looking for them brought back memories of their ancestors who passed through my life ages ago:

My first working monsoon in the city, money being scarce, I decided that instead of going to the big shops and buying myself an expensive one, I would instead buy one from one of those gullies just outside the local railway station.

Love transcends religion, caste and other man made barriers! Much prose and an equal number of lines of poetry have sprung from the hearts of writers and lovers expressing this emotion called love! But, the greatest symbol of love is the Taj Mahal in Agra! Millions fly across the ocean, to gaze in awe at the magnificent structure a grief-stricken ruler built for his beloved dead wife. The moonlight glaze, the marble sheen, the minarets all speak of an eternal love, that lives on through this spectacular structure, But,

When America got its freedom, something that the founding fathers enshrined in their constitution was the right of every American to pursue happiness.

It sounds good, but what the people found was that the pursuit of happiness wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I’m going to tell you a story: