Monsoon weather isn’t the most cheerful weather! It certainly isn’t, and persistent rain, along with rumbling thunder adds to a feeling of impending doom. My daughter who studied in Seattle told me even there, skies are overcast most of the time, and it is one place where psychiatrists and psychologists have flourishing practices because many tend to fall into a state of depression.

The mother of the little boy was intrigued. Her shy son, who liked more than anything else the company of only himself, had suddenly got attached to his grandfather. “He just loves going out with him!” she told her husband.

 “Maybe he buys him candy, and eats some himself!” chuckled her husband, and they both smiled knowing her father was diabetic, and that could be a possibility.

This could happen after May, in the year 2024!

 “There’s something wrong!” I see myself shouting.

 “What’s wrong?” asks the wife.

My grandmother a woman of God, was of simple but great faith, and it was while growing up on her knee I learnt to trust the same God she worshipped with same childlike faith she had. A lot of which came to me through stories she related, real and vividly true ones!

Many years back while in business for my father, an interior designer, we would get a contract for the home of the managing director of some big company. Now in all probability I had already visited him in his office and seen him as a powerful person, but at home, he was oh so different. But as I remembered those episodes, I wonder what the thoughts of that same powerful man are when he opens the door and sees a carpenter or plumber or painter, someone who has seen him in a totally different environment?