A month or two ago I visited the little home in which I grew up. It was locked, but I found a window open and delicately placing my phone inside, took a picture of a shelf.

The shelf was where a little glass bowl used to lie. 

The 2nd annual World Happiness Photo Contest 2022 received participation from around the world and showed moments of people from different walks of life. The winning hundred photographs are shared in the book with the hope some of the photos might bring some smiles and happiness to people’s life. Among the winning photos, the maximum number of photos are of relationships of family and friendship, followed by nature, animals, pets, ideas of freedom, sports and COVID-19. This was also observed in the overall photos received for the competition. The dominance of relationships in happiness photos goes well with the longest study on happiness which highlighted relationships as the main source of happiness.

“Can you imagine,” said the elected representative, poking a fat finger into my ribs, “the people want a new bus terminus.”

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve heard about that.”

“What do we need a bus terminus for,” he said, “when we have an international airport here.”

Some of the saddest incidents that took place in the US, were blacks being lynched!

Artist sketches of the macabre event showed terror on their faces and diametrically opposite expressions on the faces of those who’d decided to string him up.

The poor man knew there was nothing he could do even if he was innocent since a posse of a white majority had decided he was guilty.

Today, they’re five years old! And I reproduce what I wrote of them when they surfaced on earth:

There’s two young men, twins, who’ve come into my life, and as I hold either one or the other of my daughter’s newborns in my hands, I hear voices, “He’s got your nose Bob!” or “He’s got his daughter’s cheeks!” There are some who swear they look exactly like their father, and others sigh and whisper, “Aren’t they so cute!”