Sorry folks I’m not talkin’ ‘bout those rejected by their lovers, but I’m talkin’ of we poor writers and the continuous rejection we face as we try to build a career in writing.

History is replete with examples of writing that was rejected time and again that finally made the best sellers list, and it is with such tales that we hacks plod on every day, wielding the pen and hoping our stuff will one day not return with tell tale rejection slip but payment cheque!

                     I see lots and lots of children going back to school after the lockdown, but there's little joy on their faces; instead looks of stress and tension cloud their otherwise smiling young visages. "What's happening?" I ask a youngster walking along with his mother.

"He's got his exams today," says his mother.

It’s time the veto was vetoed!

Where else but in the United Nations do you have a few nations with power to tell the world that black is white? That’s exactly what the veto does. Instead of having a democratic equality a veto gives power to a huge bully to tell others he is right, despite all the nations wasting time and effort to say what is being done is wrong.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday; when many years ago, men and women lined the streets of Jerusalem, waving palm leaves and shouting ‘hosanna’, as Jesus rode in on a donkey. It was five days before he would be crucified on the cross; a few days before he would stare down at the people around the cross, and maybe think, “Wasn’t that man waving a palm leaf gladly at me, last week?” or, “Wasn’t that the man I healed from leprosy?”

         ……….The compassion that you see in the kindhearted is God’s compassion: he has given it to them to protect the helpless………

                                                                              …… Sri Ramakrishna.

                      As I hear about the deaths due to bombings in Ukraine my heart goes out to the suffering families and yet I know there is more to compassion than it just being an armchair discussion and I will try to bring this out with a few little stories below: