We hear of accidents happening because a car, bus or truck went out of control right? Maybe brakes failed, or too high a speed or a sudden pothole! But when men and women go out of control, all we can cry out is why?

“Why?” we cry out to rape- accused Karnataka politician MP Revanna, grandson of Deva Gowda tarnishes the electoral chances of the JD party.

There are so many religious leaders today, who have huge followings, but quite often what is missing from their lives and from their teachings is compassion.

I have seen religious leaders, so good with their sermons, later going back to their ashrams or offices and shouting and yelling at their juniors. I quite often wonder what those employees think of them.

I have also seen men and women who profess to tell others about leading a good life, going back home and being harsh and merciless.

The nervous politician hastily drew the curtains in his house, and looked out furtively through a small opening in the folds, “What’s happening husband?” asked his troubled wife, running to the window, and nearly drawing the curtains open, “Are there assassins outside? Murderers who want to get your blood?”

“Don’t pull the curtains,” whispered the politician fearfully, pulling his wife’s hand away from the closed curtains, “They’re all out there, ready to kill me!”

“Then inform the police,” said his wife fearfully, picking up the phone.

In a little while, as soon as election results are announced, political floor crossing and horse trading will start and I envisioned myself a waiter in one of the resorts that our elected representatives will soon be bundled off to: “It must be quite traumatic for you all?” I asked, “First you are all spent after having fought and won the elections, and then you are herded into a resort, to keep you from being poached by a cash rich party?”

It was at my cousin’s office years ago that I met him. He was, according to my cousin, a star salesman, “Hear him Bob,” said my cousin, “He has the gift of the gab!” Which meant he could talk fast and easily as words came out of his mouth faster than a speeding race car.

But my cousin fired him in a month. “I don’t know what was wrong,” he said, “He had the gift of the gab, yet he failed to make a sale!”