Very lately at around eleven in the morning, which is an hour or more after breakfast, and two hours before lunch, I’ve been having a small bottle of coconut water. This was once the time when I had my second cup of tea, but I stopped that, then started having a Coke, which my children spoke against, and finally settled for this tiny white bottle, with sweet water from the coconuts.

Many years ago while reading the book, Silas Marner by George Eliot, I remember the way one of the characters, Molly dies in a snow storm. She trudges through the falling snow and finding it increasingly difficult to walk, stumbles, falls, then takes the last bit of opium she carries and to which she is addicted and places it in her mouth.

With that she lies in the snow and dies.

Here's something for all of you who strive to build a career or branch off into business to read the book, "The Other Side of Me"by Sidney Sheldon. In those pages you will see how hard work, persistence and discipline pay off. You will see a boy wanting to commit suicide out of sheer frustration turning around, fighting hard and finally winning an Oscar. And even after the Oscar, debt ridden he strives to come up and succeeds!

Was sipping tea in the back seat of my car last week, when my driver, a replacement for my chp who had gone on leave, suddenly braked, throwing scalding hot tea from my glass all over me, "Sorry sir," he said as he looked in the rear view mirror. I rubbed the hot steamy liquid of my stained shirt, and grimaced with pain as I felt my skin already beginning to burn. "What happened?" I asked angrily.

A few years ago I witnessed the New York City marathon. I heard there were fifty-one thousand participants this year and am sure nearly half of New York was out cheering them as they ran. There was a loud shout as the first runners came into view. The crowd went into an ecstasy of clapping, cheering and fist pumping, cheering them to their glory, as music from various music systems filled the air.