“Why me?” I cried out, looking up to the sky.

It happened many years ago when my wife and I had driven down to the sea side with a group of friends for a holiday. One morning we decided we would go down to the wharf and buy crabs. We bought the crabs and were returning in a Maruti van when a state transport bus stopped in front of me. I saw that most of the people in the bus were getting off and switched off engine and waited.

                    Maybe it's my late mother, whose birthday falls today on the 2nd of May, who's telling me, "Bob, write about mothers today!" And I will: A few years ago I attended a very interesting seminar on 'The Servant Leader' and the speaker asked the audience to introduce themselves. Two ladies got up rather hesitatingly and said, "We're just mothers!" As the seminar proceeded the speaker asked the two ladies to stand up and told the audience that among all the professions, the work of a mother was the one he considered the most important.

                    I saw two very happy faces after that.

This morning the first piece of news was from a classmate telling me, “He’s gone Bob!”

 “Who?” I asked.

 “My brother!” she said, “I’m now on a plane, on the way to attend his funeral!”


“Hi! Why are you waiting outside? I thought our meeting to lay out my strategy for your party to win elections was taking place inside?”

“Yes, it is, but I thought it would be better if we could meet before you meet mummy and the others inside!”

“Have I charged too much?”

Let’s stop being parrots!

Years ago, I had a class master who was very fond of dictating notes. That was okay by me because it was a lot better than listening to his otherwise very boring lectures. But what got me quite riled was his insistence later that his notes be vomited back verbatim in the tests and the terminal exams. Even if a word was missing, even if you tried to use your own explanations it was a big zero that would be found at the end of the page.