Sometimes we wonder as we see our loved ones in pain, why good people go through suffering. I remember my feelings many years ago, when I heard my dad in the US was diagnosed with cancer:

“Dads cancer,” said my mom’s voice on the phone, “has reached the bone. He’s in pain!”

They came in fancy funeral attire!

Friends and relatives in their Sunday best, carefully preserved for occasions like this; a funeral of a young relative!

I’d come early, and expected nobody! Because no one had come when she, with kidneys failing, and no money in the bank had dialed me for help. With the help of her kind neighbour, a youngster, with the spirit of a Good Samaritan in him, we’d got her to hospital, paid her bills, and got her through one dialysis after another, and then another call,

“Sir, I can’t see!”

One night a doctor friend dropped in, he appeared sad and beaten. A patient who had been operated upon in his hospital had gone into a coma for no fault of his or his staff and now he was hounded by the media, police and even members of the local community, to which the lady belonged. To top it all, his father who had been living with him, suddenly had a heart attack and passed away a week ago.


By Nitu Sindhu

In recent years, the quality of life has declined a lot. People these days are under huge pressure of performing better in everyday life, this pressure when not handled well leads to stress, sadness and depression. There are many therapeutic herbs around us who have this magical power of comforting us by purifying a person’s mind and soul. One such nature’s blessing is “Sahadevi” also known as known as Vernonia Cinerea, Purple fleabane or Little ironweed. Traditional Sanskrit names of Sahdevi are Uttamakanyapatra, Dandotpala, Kesarika, Devasaha, Mrugadani and Devarha.

King Charles! It seems a bit strange to call Charles the king of England, after getting used to addressing Britain’s constitutional monarch as ‘Her Majesty the Queen’, so King it is, and a constitutional monarch it is, and nothing's changed except a man replacing his mother as the ceremonial chief. But in another part of the world in one of England’s old colonies, there seems some confusion as the same constitutional heads of state governments have started getting squeamish about just being titular heads!