De-Dieselization of Power Generation in North & Middle Andaman

Port Blair, June 22: The economic crisis triggered by the COVID – 19 pandemic is a signal of a paradigm shift required in the power sector via liberalization, privatization and localization. The ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT PLAN – Phase 1, shall encompass the unfinished agenda of holistic reforms through De-dieselization of the power generation in these islands.

Tenders invited by APWD shall be open for all contractors irrespective of their enlistment in APWD or any other Govt. Department

Port Blair, June 22: At present, in Andaman Public Works Department (APWD), the construction works of various magnitudes are invited through open bidding system among enlisted contractors of APWD/ other departments of appropriate class from I to V. In order to promote competition and open avenue for participation of all contractors in the tenders invited by APWD, the Andaman and Nicobar Administration has decided that henceforth, the tenders invited by the APWD shall be open for all contractors irrespective of their enlistment in APWD or any other Govt. Department subject to the condition that they have experience on executing the relevant magnitude of work as per CPWD Works Manual and with other GOI organisations in these Islands and do not have any adverse remarks.

Port Blair, June 22: In pursuit of providing maximum benefit to maximum number of people, the Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC) has taken a number of initiatives for the welfare of its citizens, with the active participation of Elected Representatives. One such initiative by PBMC is to develop community assets. To facilitate the poorest of the poor, the Council had taken up the daunting task to renovate/ revamp/ redesign nine community halls in various wards. For the works, the Administration has allotted a fund to the tune of Rs. 7.15 Crores.

Port Blair, June 22: The Bhartiya Janata Party led by Shri Ajoy Bairagi, State President, BJP - A & N Islands through Shri M Vinod, State Vice President, BJP, A&N Islands has requested Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Andaman & Nicobar Police for granting adequate time to general public for installing rear view mirrors on two wheelers. Due to COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown, stocks & supply chain of the same was effected badly and sudden decision to impose challan for the same was making big holes in the pocket of general public at this financial crunch.

Port Blair, June 22: The Member of Parliament, A&N Islands, Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Director of Transport, A&N Administration to resume the express bus service of STS between Baratang and Port Blair and vice versa. The services was suspended owing to impact of lockdown since 19th March, 2020.